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FG4812 Kanu Unchou

I just recently received this kit and I am completely astounded at the awesomeness of the detail and craftsmanship of the artistry! I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful model! Thanks y'all! Thank you so very much for the excellent product! I look forward to putting it together and painting it!

Ko'menai  (United States) 
FG0241 Belldandy Poster Version

Incredibly beautiful kit. One of the best versions of this character.

Ksana (Russian Federation) 
PV6436 Lancer / Scathach (PVC)

This piece is BEAUTIFUL, only staue thats not in my curio cabinet...because its on my desk next to my computer, want more fate grand order pieces to go with it

Panzer (United States) 
RT1919 R-9DH3 Concert Master

크기에 비해 보품수가 꽤 있네요. 아기자기한 크기에 디테일이 좋네요.

cootang2 (United States) 
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