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PF7102 Lina Inverse (Pre-painted)

As ordered. Thank you.


Schwaneke (United States

PF9884 Chii (Pre-painted)

Well I have to say this is disappointing. The paint job isn’t great, it’s pretty sloppy in a lot of areas and the arm connection isn’t flush, you can see a big gap in it. The face is the most disappointing. There is absolutely no expression to it, it’s so flat looking. Her face looks like she is dying on the inside. This has to be the most disappointing gathering I’ve gotten to date.


Nikki (Canada

PF4969 Sailor Neptune (Pre-painted)

Sehr gute Qualität ... alllerdings fallen kleinere Teile schnell ab!
Kleber hilfte immer ;-)
Würde ich wieder kaufen!


JessyPa (Germany

PF5900 Sima Yao (Pre-painted)

Arrived in good order and well packaged. This figure is particularly nice for the detail work and the colors used in the painting. It lends alot of brightness to display and is very vibrant on the shelf. Very nice. Thank you.


crebnitz (United States

PF6959 Wizard (Pre-painted)

I recieved it in good condition and packed good and secure.


Dragbern (United States

PF10292 Matoi Ryuko (Pre-painted)

Beautifully painted, great attention to detail on a figure where I didn't think there would even be much detail? Probably the best item I've ordered so far on this entire site. Very happy with results.


Grape (Canada

PF5511 Sailor Cosmos (Pre-painted)

Took awhile to receive but once i received it the item was amazing. Looks just like the picture. Its big so make sure you make room for it! :)


Tifa351 (United States

PF10198 Sailor Moon (Pre-painted)



ayoyou (Taiwan

PR1683 Gurren Lagann (Pre-painted)



auciferlee (China

PF8924 Kuboseiki (Pre-painted)



亞麻 (Taiwan

PF8166 Asuka Plug Suit (Pre-painted)

Beautiful figure, a few minor issues but nothing major. Overall she is perfect. The instructions on how to put her together were super confusing though.


Nikki (Canada

PF9152 Sailor Mercury (Pre-painted)

Beyond annoyed. The figure I received had a broken collar and the color scheme between her front brooch is not the same as in the picture. They literally used the same color blue for everything. I’m going to contact PayPal for a refund.


Brianr18 (United States

PF8406 Kirin Armor Hunter (Pre-painted)

Disappointed... The final product is not what was shown before during the pre-ordering. This one looks cheaper and the expression is just out of place... The colouring is also a bit weird. I understand this is not made by professional organisation, but the the final product really let me down a lot.


Field (Australia

PF9109 Darkelf (Pre-painted)

Well done thank you.


Creator (Canada

PF10123 Marie Mamiya Special Version (Pre-painted)

Ho finalmente provveduto ad assemblare ii Prodotto Marie Mamiya Special Version (Pre-painted) e sono rimasto piacevolmente sorpreso dell'accuratezza della pittura, della naturalezza del volto e dalla semplicità di montaggio dei pochi pezzi che compongono il modello.
Ottimo lavoro.


Geronimo (Italy